Complete list of MMF publications and prices 2013

Order no. Title Price 2013 (€)
M400 Algemeen Handelsblad, 1828-1970
Note: Also available on diazo film and in subsections, please inquire
M106 Archive of Prof. Dr. W.H. De Vriese concerning his investigation into the Netherlands Indies Cultivations, 1857-1862 1,395
M420 Archive of the Amsterdam booksellers guild, 1662-1812 1,570
M480 Atlas Schoemaker, Images of Dutch towns and villages (fiche) 2,295
M301 Catholic Church in Indonesia: Archives of the Archbishopric of Batavia/Jakarta, 1807-1949 12,315
M479 Correspondence of Marc-Michel Rey, 1747-1778 160
M110 Documentation register to colonial subjects, East and West Indies, 1818-1933 (complete set) 1,025
East Indies 930
West Indies 95
M491 Dudok collection of Architectural Plans and Drawings of the City of Hilversum 5,900
M448 Dutch theatre posters, 1853-1926 1,260
M140-M200 Dutch-language Indonesian newspapers, 1810-1940 (6 titles available) (All newspapers are available in subsections)
M140 Bataviasch koloniale courant, 1810-1811; continued by Java government gazette, 1812-1816;continued by Bataviasche courant, 1810-1827 535
M150 Javasche courant, 1828-1939 21,530
M170 Soerabaiasch handelsblad, 1866-1917 7,770
M180 Algemeen dagblad van Nederlands Indië, 1873-1886 1,060
M190 Bataviaasch nieuwsblad, 1885-1926 10,700
M200 Sumatra post, 1898-1940 9,835
M371-M389 Early music from Low Countries Libraries (9 parts available) (Discounts available: 2-3 parts, 5%; 4-6 parts, 10%; 7 or more parts, 15%)
M371 Part I: Concertos before 1820 1,755
M374 Part II: Orchestral music before 1820 3,295
M377 Part III: Church music, 1750-1820 3,680
M380 Part IV: Vocal and instrumental tutors, 1600-1900 5,515
M383 Part V: Historical organ collection 730
M386 Part VI: Vocal music, 1650-1820 4,140
M387 Part VII: Keyboard music, 1620-1820 2,265
M388 Part VIII: Solo instrumental music, 1620-1820 2,455
M389 Part IX: Ensemble instrumental music, 1680-1820 3,260
M442 East Timor Question, 1975-2002 (complete set) 7,340
Supplement 1997 separately 195
Supplement 1998 separately 310
Supplement 1999 separately 540
Supplement 2000 separately 440
Supplement 2001-2002 separately 1,195
M500 The famous manuscripts of the Ets Haim Library 14,575
M303-M304 Images of East & West: Maps, plans, views and drawings from Dutch colonial archives, 1583-1963 (complete set, 2 parts) 12,175
M303 Part I: The Early Period, 1583-1814 5,980
M304 Part II: Collection of the Ministry of the Colonies, 1814-1963 7,550
M109 Index to colonial subjects in Dutch Newspapers, 1843-1947 995
M108 Index to Dutch-language Indonesian Newspapers, 1810-1923 890
M120 Index to the Public Archives of the Ministry of the Colonies of the Netherlands, 1850-1921 (complete set) (Also available in 7 chronological subsections, please inquire) 25,970
M101-M103 Indexes to the archives of the States of Holland, 1524-1795 (complete set, 3 parts) 2,085
M101 Indexes to the Public resolutions of the States of Holland, 1524-1795 865
M102 Indexes to the Secret resolutions of the States of Holland, 1653-1795 140
M103 Indexes to the resolutions of the Gecommitteerde raden in the Zuiderkwartier, 1621-1795 1,315
M310/M415 International book trade in the eighteenth century (complete set, 2 parts) 4,585
M310 Part I: Booksellers accounts, 1697-1803 2,355
M415 Part II: Private accounts and other documents, 1702-1836 2,745
M309 International history of paper and paper making (complete set, 4 parts) 7,490
M315 International history of paper and paper making, Dictionary 940
M313 International history of paper and paper making, Drawings 990
M314 International history of paper and paper making, Photos 3,170
M312 International history of paper and paper making, Watermarks 2,970
M350 International index to art exhibition catalogues, 1895-1991 6,040
M481-M485 Japan & the West: Sources from Dutch archives (complete set, 5 parts) 13,845
  Special offer: parts 1-2 1,725
  Special offer: parts 3-5 12,125
M481 Part I: Documents concerning the negotiation of a trade agreement, 1852-1870 1,170
M482 Part II: Political reports, 1887-1940 745
M483 Part III: The Archive of the Dutch legation in Japan, 1870-1890 6,370
M484 Part IV: The Archive of the Dutch consulate at Nagasaki, 1860-1915 3,490
M485 Part V: The Archive of the Dutch consulate at Yokohama, 1860-1870 3,610
M444 Kaiser in Exile: Archive of former Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany during his stay in the Netherlands, 1918-1941 (complete set) 27,675
M445 Kaiser in Exile: Map collection separately 1,200
M446 Labor issues in Indonesia, 1979-1995 2,400
M302 Mail reports from the Netherlands East Indies, 1869-1940 (complete set, 4 parts) 40,635
Part I, 1869-1899 11,170
Part II, 1900-1925 11,170
Part III, 1926-1940 11,170
Part IV, Secret mail reports, 1914-1940 11,170
M428 Manuscript travel journals in French and other languages than Dutch, 16th century-1814 (Ego documents from the Netherlands) 1,785
M406-M412 Maps and drawings of the Netherlands, 16th-20th centuries (complete set, 4 parts) 16,595
M406 Part I: Dutch domestic maps and drawings, 16th-19th centuries 6,465
M408 Part IIa: Archives of the Corps of Engineers, plans of buildings, 17th-20th centuries 5,655
M410 Part IIb: Situation plans of forts and fortified towns, 18th-19th centuries 585
M412 Part IIc: Plans of forts and fortified towns, 17th-19th centuries 5,735
M335 Memories van overgave/Memoranda of conveyance of officials of the Dutch East Indies, 1849-1962, (complete set, 2 parts) 10,460
M332 Memories van overgave, MMK series 4,985
M333 Memories van overgave, KIT series 7,235
M336 Inventory separately 72
M393-M394 Music periodicals from the EMI music archives (complete set, 2 titles) 2,655
M393 The Voice, 1917-1954 965
M394 Talking Machine News, 1903-1935 1,990
M402 Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 1845-1970 Note: Also available on diazo film and in subsections, please inquire 30,585
M311 Nineteenth-century directories for the Dutch book trade 1,645
M422 Nineteenth-century directories for the German book trade 2,625
M424 Passenger lists of the Holland-America Line, 1900-1940 8,235
M305 Political Reports and dispatches from the Outer Islands of the Netherlands East Indies, 1898-1940 5,135
M307 Public architecture in the Netherlands, 1824-1945 16,680
M308 Public finance, trade and state formation: The archive of the States of Holland, c. 1445-1572 10,055
M107 Resolutions of the Dutch East India Company, 1602-1796 5,650
M450 Sarvodaya ("Uplift") movement in India in the 1950s: Texts in Hindi and English 1,645
M452 Sources for the culture and ethnology of Irian Jaya in the colonial period 3,280
M430-M436 Sources for the study of colonial Indonesia and Dutch colonial policy: From VOC to colonial state, c. 1700-1850 (complete set, 4 parts) 8,630
M430 Part I, Collection of Nicolaus Engelhard 2,755
M432 Part II, Collection of Gérard Jan Chrétien Schneither 1,425
M434 Part III, Collection of Count Johannes van den Bosch 2,065
M436 Part IV, Collection of Jean Chrétien baron Baud 3,345
M104 Tax rolls for the tenth penny of 1543 2,175
M390 Technical drawings of musical instruments (complete set) (subsets available, please inquire) 2,690
M391 Supplement 1 (2000) 585
M404 Waarheid, De, 1945-1990 Note: Also available on diazo film and in subsections, please inquire 7,315
M455-M459 War and decolonization in Indonesia, 1940-1950 (complete set, 5 parts) 8,055
M455 Part I, Archive of H.J. van Mook, 1942-1948 2,335
M456 Part II, Archive of P.J. Koets, 1946-1949 2,020
M457 Part III, Archive of C.O. van der Plas, 1941-1949 2,410
M458 Part IV, Archive of J.H. van Roijen, 1946-1962 995
M459 Part V, Archive of the Office of Japanese Affairs, 1942-1949 2,310
M469-M478 World of Port-Royal, complete set, Units 1-8 30,497
M471-M469 World of Port-Royal, complete set, Units 2-8 26,982
  Special offer: Units 1-8 with prepayment (free shipping) 27,450
  Special offer: Units 2-8 with prepayment (free shipping) 24,480
M470 World of Port-Royal, Port-Royal and its adherents, Unit 1 3,515
M471-M473 World of Port-Royal, Resistance to the Bull Unigenitus, Unit 2 3,186
M474 World of Port-Royal, Resistance to the Bull Unigenitus, Unit 3 6,327
M475 World of Port-Royal, Resistance to the Bull Unigenitus, Unit 4 4,284
M476 World of Port-Royal, Resistance to the Bull Unigenitus, Unit 5 5,364
M477 World of Port-Royal, Resistance to the Bull Unigenitus, Unit 6 3,366
M478 World of Port-Royal, Personal collections, Unit 7 3,915
M469 World of Port-Royal, Adepts of Port Royal in the 19th century, etc., Constitutional Priests and Bishops, Miscellaneous, Previous Inventories, Unit 8 540

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