Welcome to the website of MMF Publications, publisher of historical source materials in microform and on CD-ROM.

MMF Publications was founded in 1991 as a continuation of the micropublishing imprint first launched in 1984 by MicroFormat Systems, a leading micrographics and digitization firm based in Lisse, the Netherlands.

Nationaal Archief micropublications

MMF works in close cooperation with the National Archives of the Netherlands and has micropublished significant collections of source material from its vast holdings. These micropublications carry Nationaal Archief's logo and are listed on this website. They mostly concern Dutch history and the history of former Dutch colonial possessions in the East and West Indies, in particular Indonesia, the Antilles and Surinam.

MMF is broadening the range of its interests and developing new fields for publication in cooperation with other repositories in the Netherlands and elsewhere. On this website you will find projects undertaken with the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, the Utrecht Archives and many other institutions.

Subject areas currently represented include:

  • European History and Culture
  • History of the Book Trade and related subjects
  • Architecture/Art History
  • Asian Studies/Colonial History
  • Maps and Drawings
  • Music and musical Instruments

Suggestions welcome

Scholars, librarians and archivists are invited to propose new subject areas for micropublishing projects or specific collections of international interest. Please contact our publisher at

Sample microfiches

If you would like to examine a sample microfiche from one of our collections, please just let us know.

Customer service

MMF microforms and CD-ROMs are made to international standards and are guaranteed against defects. Defective microforms will be replaced free of charge within six months of shipping. Since collections are produced on order they may not be returned unless an error has been committed by MMF Publications. Prior written permission is required for return.

Microform specifications

Unless otherwise noted, all microforms mentioned on this website are standard size (105 x 148 mm) microfiches of archival quality on positive silver-halide film. Reduction ratios vary depending on the originals.

Prices and conditions

Prices are quoted in Euros. They are exclusive of all shipping and handling charges and of all taxes/duties. Payment in other currencies is not accepted. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Shipping charges are extra (unless an offer of free shipping is specifically mentioned in our publicity). Overseas delivery is by Standard Airmail.

Ordering information

Please send your order, citing the name of the collection and our order number, to:

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